How Do You Set up a Linksys Cisco Router?


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To setup a Linksys Cisco router, you need an Ethernet cord connection from the device to your personal computer. You can then open up a browser and type in the secured web address "" only in the web address bar, as of 2015.

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Connecting with the address works for the majority of Linksys Cisco routers. The subsequent screen asks for a password and username. You can find this information either in the manual of the router or directly on the router.

Some routers come without a username out of the box by default and you only need to type "admin" in the password section. Once you type in the password, the dashboard appears with different options to set up. Click the Wireless tab to get access to turn on the wireless router connection.

You can also modify the router to limit how many users can connect to it. Also, the setup process allows you to create a unique password that you can provide anyone you authorize to connect to your network. Many routers also have the ability to communicate with your printer and connect directly to the printer. By connecting the printer to it, multiple users can share the same printer once activated on the router.

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