How Do You Set up a Home Wi-Fi Network?


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To set up a home Wi-Fi network, connect your router, modem and computer using Ethernet cables, and power on the devices once you establish the connection. After the computer boots up, access the router’s management console, and set up the wireless network settings, including the network’s name, password and encryption.

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Connect your modem with a wireless router by plugging the Ethernet cable into the router’s Wide Area Network port, and use another Ethernet cable to connect your computer with the router by plugging the cable into the router’s Local Area Network. After connecting the modem and router, power on the router, wait one minute, power on the modem, wait one minute again, and then turn on the computer. Access the router’s management consoles by typing “” in the address bar of a Web browser and pressing Enter. If this address doesn’t work, consult the router’s documentation to ascertain the actual address, or find it out by using the "ipconfig" command via the Command Prompt.

After accessing the management console, enable the wireless network, don’t modify the Channel and Mode settings unless the wireless network is unstable, and select a name for the wireless network by typing it in the SSID field. Select the WPA2 encryption type, which the most secure option as of 2015, select a passcode between eight and 63 characters, and finalize the configuration changes. Use the selected passcode to connect other devices and computers to your wireless network.

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