How Do You Set up FTA Satellite TV?


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To set up FTA satellite TV, find a place for the dish, obtain and install the necessary equipment and search for channels. Alternatively, pay a local satellite installer to do the work to make life easier.

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How Do You Set up FTA Satellite TV?
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To find a place for the dish, use channel charts to determine which satellites provide the required signal and see if there are any obstructions in the way of those satellites. If there are any obstacles in the direction of a satellite, use trigonometry to determine the clearest path and use the end point of that path as the location if possible.

To set up the equipment, you'll need a receiver, a low-noise block converter feedhorn (LNBF) and a dish. The first step of installation is to install the pole. When installing this, use the channel charts as a guide. The next step is to secure the pole so that it is perfectly vertical. Once it is secured, mount the dish to the pole and then mount the LNBF to the dish arm.

To install the receiver, connect the coaxial from the LNBF to the receiver and connect the receiver to a television. Turn the receiver on, and use the receiver and dish to obtain look for the best signal strength and quality. Tighten the dish when you have found the position with the best signal quality.

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