How Do You Set up a Fitbit One With an IPad?


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To set up a Fitbit One on an iPad, download the app, register for an account, and pair the tracker with the iPad. Install the Fitbit app from the App Store, and register for an account by clicking Join Fitbit. Choose the Fitbit One tracker, and choose Confirm. Enter personal details and account information, and pair the device with the tracker, making sure Bluetooth is enabled. Once you set up the Fitbit One, it tracks activity automatically.

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If the tracker isn't pairing with the iPad, Bluetooth may be disabled. To enable Bluetooth, open Settings, choose Bluetooth, and switch it on. When pairing the tracker with the account, the app may show a prompt asking you to tap the display to confirm the connection. If the device still doesn't connect, reset it. Plug the tracker into the charging cable, hold the tracker button for 10 seconds, remove the tracker from the charging cable, and press the button until it turns on.

To add an additional tracker to an existing Fitbit account, click Account from the Fitbit app dashboard, and tap Set Up a Device. Choose the tracker, and pair it with Bluetooth. After you pair a device to the Fitbit account, you can access activity and statistics from Fitbit.com as well as from the Mac and Android apps.

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