How Do You Set up Your Email?

To set up an email account, visit the website for your desired email provider, enter your desired email address along with the personal information that the provider requests, and choose a password. Enter a backup email address and prove that you're a real human to finish the process.

  1. Choose your email provider

    Decide which email service you want to use. Check reviews to determine which website is most compatible with your needs. Some common criteria include security, storage capacity for message and access to cloud storage.

  2. Sign up for the email service

    Click the button marked Register, Join or Sign Up on the home page of the email provider you have chosen. Do not choose Log in at this stage, because that is the option for existing members. Insert the requested information into the fields provided. In addition to your personal information, choose your email address and your password.

  3. Wrap up the registration process

    Read the terms of service for the email provider you have chosen, and follow the protocol to establish that you are a real person. Type any required text from a bot-proof box into the provided field and agree to the provider's terms of service to establish your account.