How Do You Set up a DLink Router?


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To setup a DLink router's wired network, start by plugging the router into an outlet using the provided power cable. Then, connect the router to the modem using an Ethernet cable. Typically the port on the router for connecting a modem is labeled Internet. Finally, connect a computer to the router using another Ethernet cable. Generally the ports for connecting the router to a computer are numbered and labeled LAN.

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Setting up a DLink router's wireless network requires that a computer be connected via an Ethernet cable during the setup process. Begin by navigating to the router's Web-based user interface. Consult the router's user manual for the specific address. Log into the user interface. Again, the credentials can be found in the user manual.

Within the Web user interface, select the wireless settings page. For many DLink routers, this is located under the Setup tab. Typically there are a few setup options on this page; select Manual Wireless Network Setup. Make sure that the Enable Wireless option is checked. Then, set the network name (also called the SSID).

Finally, set the password for the network, if desired. If no input field is visible, look for a Security Mode drop down menu, and select WEP. Then, enter a password into the WEP Key field. After this, the DLink router's wireless functionality is ready for use.

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