How Do You Set up a Denon Receiver?

How Do You Set up a Denon Receiver?

To set up a Denon receiver, connect the HDMI cables from the satellite box and DVD player, speakers, subwoofers and microphone to the corresponding inputs on the receiver. Using auto setup from the television menu allows the receiver to get readings of the listening spots. Finally, store the readings.

The HDMI cable from the satellite box and DVD player are inserted into the receiver's first and second HDMI inputs, respectively. If the DVD player has no HDMI output, connect the component video cable connections to the receiver's component video input. Additionally, insert a coaxial digital cable from the DVD unit into the receiver's coaxial input.

The speaker terminals on the Denon receiver are located on the front left and right, center and surround left and right. Use a subwoofer cable to connect the receiver's subwoofer output to the subwoofer.

The microphone is connected to the Audyssey mic input located at the unit's front. Position the microphone at the first listening spot in line with the ears. Choose a spot slightly away from the wall and remove any objects between the receiver and the microphone.

Switch on the receiver and the television. Open the television menu, go to Auto Setup and click Start to allow the receiver to get readings of the spot. To ensure accuracy, do not make any noise while the readings are being taken. Take readings for the other listening spots in a similar manner. Finally, choose Store and hit Enter to save the readings.