How Do You Set up a D-Link Wired Router?


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The first step in setting up your D-Link wired router is plugging it to a power supply. You need two Ethernet cables to successfully set up the router. Use one Ethernet cable to connect the Internet modem to the router and the other cable to connect the router to your computer. After doing so, launch an Web browser on your computer.

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You can set up the Internet connection either manually or using the Web-based setup wizard. If you want to use the setup wizard, first go through the instructions in the router's manual, and then go to D-Link's official support site. On the Setup page, click on the Setup Wizard button, and follow the wizard.

To manually configure the router, first type in "" in your browser's address bar, and then press Enter. In the Login page, enter "admin" in the Username field, leave the Password field blank, and then press Enter. On the dashboard that appears, go to the Tools tab, click on Admin, set a new login name and password, and then click on Save Settings.

You may also set up security for Wi-Fi. Click on Wireless Settings from the Setup tab, enable WPA wireless security, set up a passphrase, and then click on Save Settings.

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