How Do You Set up a Computer?


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To set up a laptop, plug it into a power source and attach any peripherals. Desktop computers require more steps to connect the components of the computer.

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How Do You Set up a Computer?
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To set up a laptop, press the power button, and the laptop comes on. Because laptops run on batteries, it is occasionally necessary to charge the laptop before set up. To do this, plug an AC adapter into the laptop and connect it to a power outlet. If you're using peripherals such as a mouse or speakers, connect them to the appropriate ports as well; laptop and desktop peripherals typically connect using the same ports.

A desktop computer consists of more components. The monitor includes a cable that must be connected at one end to the monitor and at the other end to the computer. You should be able to determine where to plug it in based on shape of the connectors. Connect the keyboard and mouse; most computers use USB connections for these peripherals but older computers may use a round PS/2 connector. Connect any additional peripherals such as speakers. Finally, plug the computer's power cable into a wall outlet or surge protector; using a surge protector is highly recommended to prevent electrical surges from damaging the computer.

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