How Do You Set up the Codes for a Sanyo Television and Remote?

A GE universal remote control offers two different methods for finding the code to set up a Sanyo TV. The manual method allows for the input of a predetermined code for a Sanyo television, whereas the automatic method tests different codes in the remote control database until a match is found.

Using the manual input method is the quicker alternative, but it requires access to the right code for the specific TV. Remove the battery cover and batteries from the GE universal remote, and find a sticker that has the model number. It is safe to assume that it is a "version 1" type if no "V number" is listed. Find the list of codes for the GE Universal remote on the Jasco website. Turn on the Sanyo TV and hold the Setup button until the red indicator glows. Press the TV button, and proceed to enter the code assigned for the Sanyo TV. The indicator light goes off when a valid code for the TV has been entered. Press the Power button. If the TV goes off, then it has been properly set up. Repeat the process with a different code if the TV does not respond.

Use the automatic code search method if a working code can't be found using the manual input method. To use the automatic method, hold the Setup button for approximately four seconds, and then press the device button. Press the "Power" button, and wait for the TV to respond. Wait for two seconds, and press the Power button again. Repeat until the TV responds. Press the Enter or OK button on a Version 1 remote to lock in the code. Press the #1 button within two seconds for later versions. The indicator light shuts off when the correct code has been entered

Versions two, three and four of the GE universal remote automatically send the Power command and do not require manual input from a user.