How Do You Set up a Canon Printer?

How Do You Set up a Canon Printer?

To set up a Canon printer, connect the printer to the computer with a USB cable, start the computer, and wait for the operating system to announce the presence of the new hardware. Then, install the printer as per the instructions given on the screen.

To begin setting up a Canon printer, unpack it, and set it at the desired location according to the specifications given by Canon. Switch on power to the device, load some paper, and install the ink cartridges. Do not load high-quality photo paper at this stage, even if it is a Canon photo printer; just use plain business sheets.

Now, connect the USB cable's square end to the single port located at the back of the printer. Connect the other end of the cable to any available USB port located at the back of the computer.

Next, start the machine. Allow the operating system to announce that the new hardware has been discovered. Usually, this message reads "New Hardware Found," followed by another message that reads "Canon (model number)."

Then, follow the instructions given on screen. Alternatively, insert a driver CD into the computer, and install as per its directions. If the CD has drivers for several Canon printer models, select the model number of your printer during installation.