How Do You Set up the Canon MX410?

How Do You Set up the Canon MX410?

Setting up a Canon MX410 printer requires loading the machine with paper and ink cartridges and connecting the printer to a PC or Wi-Fi network. Run the setup CD-ROM to complete the process.

To begin the setup process, insert a power cord into the connector on the left side of the machine, and plug it into a wall outlet. Press the On button to turn on the machine. Use the left and right arrow buttons to select a language for the LCD operation panel.

To install ink cartridges, first expose the cartridge holder by lifting open the scanning unit cover and fixing it with the scanning unit support stand. Open the ink cartridge locking covers, remove the orange protective tape from the ink cartridges, and place each cartridge into the right slot. Push down the ink cartridge locking covers until they click into place.

To load paper, open the paper support, move the paper guides to both edges, load paper into the center of the rear tray, and slide the paper guides against the edges of the paper.

To set up the printer on a computer, insert the setup CD-ROM into the computer, and follow the automatic prompts to start the installation wizard. Click the Easy Install button, and follow the on-screen instructions. Connect the printer to the PC with a USB or Ethernet cable once the printer connection screen appears, and continue to follow the software setup process until finished.