How Do You Set up a Business Website?

How Do You Set up a Business Website?

Build, create and maintain a business website to make your business more visible to potential clients and increase sales. A great business website is easy to use, features company products and remains relevant to search engine optimization practices.

  1. Buy a domain name

    Purchase a domain name from a reputable company. Depending on the type and complexity of your website, a domain may cost as little as $2 per month as of 2014. Find a company to design a website for you if you do not want to perform the layout work. Purchase similar domains to prevent confusion with other potential websites.

  2. Lay out the website design

    Create a website that appeals to the horizontal layout of computer screens because most computer screens are wider than they are taller. Include tabs across the top of the main page for "Home", "About", "Products" or "Catalog" and "Contact". Do not have too many graphics because search engines cannot read keywords through graphical interfaces.

  3. Create social media buzz

    Include links to your social media websites on each web page. Release timely posts on these pages to keep customers, clients and suppliers informed of regular happenings at your company.

  4. Remember the applications

    Since nearly two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone as of January 2014, it makes sense to create a site that can be accessed by mobile users. Hire an app designer or create one yourself. Format your business website for various smartphone operating systems.