How Do You Set up the Brother MFC Wirelessly?

How Do You Set up the Brother MFC Wirelessly?

To set up a wireless Brother printer, connect it to an online network and then install drivers for the printer onto the computer. Wireless printers work by connecting to the same network as an at-home computer. The printer is then able to receive jobs from any of the computers that are connected to the same network.

Wireless computers were once only found in workplaces, but with the development of less expensive inkjet printers, wireless integration occurs more frequently. Although different operating systems use their own terms to describe sections, both follow similar installation procedures. Use these instructions in order to set up a wireless Brother printer.

  1. Locate the Devices section
  2. Locate the Devices section found inside the Control Panel. Once located, double click on the icon.

  3. Press Add a Printer
  4. Click on the Add a Printer button, which then brings up a special prompt. The prompt asks whether to add a network or Bluetooth printer. Choose the wireless option, and then press Next.

  5. Install the required drivers
  6. If the drivers are lacking inside the operating system, click the option to install them. The computer may connect to the Internet for this process. After completing the driver installation, press Finish.

  7. Connect the printer to the network
  8. Press the Wi-Fi button on the printer the type in the password for it. Once the printer connects to the network, it is ready to use.