How Do You Set up Bluetooth on a Mobile Device?


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To connect a mobile device such as a smartphone, to a Bluetooth headset or other device, first activate the Bluetooth device's search function. Then go into the settings for the phone or other device, locate the Bluetooth menu and tell the device to search for Bluetooth device signals.

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Most Bluetooth devices are able to connect to devices compatible with them when both devices are set to search for each other. This is because Bluetooth connections provide an easy standard for a device to connect to, allowing for transmission of data with more ease than some wireless alternatives. For some Bluetooth gadgets, this connection is established with a simple press of a button and accepting the signal on the corresponding device.

Bluetooth devices usually have passwords that are required for a Bluetooth-compatible phone to connect properly. This pass key is found in the manual for the Bluetooth headset or device. These pass keys are sometimes simple default values such as 0000 or 1234, but other devices have codes connected to their serial number or randomly generated numbers for each device. This code may also be found by locating a pass code sticker, or by contacting the manufacturer of the given device.

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