How Do You Set up a Bluetooth Ear Piece?


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The process for setting up a Bluetooth earpiece with a cell phone varies depending on the phone, though most involve accessing the Bluetooth section of its settings to enable the feature and then setting the earpiece into a discoverable mode. Once the phone detects the device, you may need to enter a passkey to complete the pairing process.

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Bluetooth technology allows cell phones to wirelessly connect with other devices and transmit data, such as sending the audio of a voice call to an earpiece, through a process known as pairing. To begin the pairing process with a phone, the user needs to launch its settings app and find the Bluetooth section, which may be in its own area or under a section for wireless and network settings. After turning on the Bluetooth functionality for the phone, it enters into a search mode that scans the nearby area for all available Bluetooth devices.

The user needs to turn on the earpiece, which often puts it into an automatic discovery state so that the phone can begin pairing. Some earpieces may require the user to press a button to begin discovery. When the phone detects the device, it may also ask the user to enter a passkey or other code to complete the procedure, which ensures that the device is paring with the appropriate phone. Many earpieces us the code "0000" by default, though users should check the earpiece's manual for the exact code.

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