How Do You Set up a Belkin Wi-Fi Router?


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To set up a Belkin Wi-Fi router, connect the router to a modem, turn on the modem, plug in the router and connect the computer to the router. Enter the router's Internet protocol address into a Web browser, log in to the system and follow the router set up prompts.

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Run through the following steps to set up a Belkin Wi-Fi router.

  1. Connect the router to a modem
  2. Connect the router to a modem using an Ethernet cable. The cable should plug into the Internet or wide area network port on the device.

  3. Power up the modem and router
  4. Turn on the modem before powering up the router. Next, plug in the router and turn it on.

  5. Connect the computer
  6. Connect the router to a computer using an Ethernet cable.

  7. Visit the setup page
  8. Enter the router's IP address into the Web address bar in a browser. Log in by leaving the password field blank.

  9. Choose an administrative password
  10. Choose an administrative password to make changes to the router settings.

  11. Adjust the wireless settings
  12. To change the wireless network name, provide the administrative password and enter in a new service set identifier name.

  13. Select connection settings
  14. Choose a connection type to connect the router to the Internet. This information is available through the Internet service provider.

  15. Confirm the connection
  16. Apply changes to the settings to confirm the connection.

  17. Test the connection
  18. Test the connection by visiting a website.

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