How Do You Set up Your Avon Homepage?

How Do You Set up Your Avon Homepage?

To set up an Avon homepage, log into your Avon representative account, click on the link for self-promotion, click the tab to build a customized Avon website, and follow the prompts to build the site. The website offers a template format that makes customization fast and efficient.

When filling out your information for your personalized page, fill in your bio, and list the products you sell, your location, and the distance you are willing to travel to reach customers. There are separate boxes for each answer during the page creation process.

Select a template from several available options, or choose to use your own HTML coding to build your site by clicking the None button when asked to choose a template. To build your own site, return to the Bio page, and add your HTML to the section instead.

Customize the page by filling out the About Me, Opportunity and Why I Love Avon page. Choose a professional image for your Avon page, and upload it to the website. Add photos of yourself, you applying makeup to customers or one of your Avon parties for your page.

Avon charges a per-campaign fee for the website, although building a website is optional. If you decide to build a website, you can also take orders from clients on your site.