How Do You Set up Apple TV?

To set up Apple TV, connect the Apple TV to your television, turn it on, choose your preferred language, choose a Wi-Fi network, set up the password, and let the system complete the configuration process. This process takes approximately 10 minutes.

  1. Connect the Apple TV to your television

    Use HDMI cables to connect your HDTV to the Apple TV. Connect both the Apple TV and your television to a power source, and switch them on.

  2. Choose your preferred language

    Select your preferred language from the language menu on the screen. Enable Bluetooth on your iOS device, connect it to the Wi-Fi network that you want to share with your Apple TV, and then touch the Apple TV with the device to begin scanning for the network.

  3. Set up a password for your Apple TV

    Use your iOS device to set up a password, and click Yes if you want Apple TV to remember it. Click OK to allow Apple TV to send data to Apple or No Thanks if you do not want it to send data. Your iOS preferences remain the same, and your personal information is protected when you allow Apple TV to send data to Apple.

  4. Let the system complete the configuration process

    After clicking No Thanks or OK, Apple TV begins the configuration process, which includes activating Apple TV, connecting to the Wi-Fi network, and creating your iTunes Store account. The Apple TV is ready to use after this process.