How Do You Set up an Amped Wireless REC10?

How Do You Set up an Amped Wireless REC10?

In order to set up an Amped Wireless REC10 Wi-Fi extender, connect it to the existing wireless connection and create an extended network. After successfully installing the extender, the wireless network signal will be projected farther into areas of the home or business.

Before attempting to setup an Amped Wireless extender, make sure it will work with the router at hand, as some units do not work with this device. Use the following instructions to set up an Amped wireless extender.

  1. Connect to the REC10
  2. Plug the REC10 unit into an outlet and use a computer to scan for its network. It will appear as "Amped_REC10" on the router list. Once found, click Connect and skip the prompt asking to set up the router.

  3. Visit the Dashboard
  4. Type in into the address bar of an Internet browser and press Enter. This should open up the Amped Wireless online dashboard.

  5. Set up the extended network
  6. Look for the home network on the list provided at the dashboard. Make sure that the network has at least a 70 percent signal. If it is any lower, move the extender around to a new location with a better signal.

  7. Set up security preferences
  8. After choosing the router, enter the pass code and set up any additional security preferences. Wait for the REC10 unit to reboot and press the Confirm button to finish.