How Do You Set up AirPort Express?


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Users can set up their AirPort Express devices by connecting them to their modems and stereos and configuring the AirPort Express Base Stations on each of their devices. They can configure AirPort Express on Mac computers, Windows computers and iOS devices.

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AirPort Express is a handy device that serves as both a Wi-Fi station and a streaming music player. Users can connect their devices to modems to create home Wi-Fi networks and hook them up to stereos to stream music on their computers and iOS devices on their stereos over a wireless network.

Setting up the hardware is fairly easy. Users can get their devices ready to configure through the following steps:

  1. Plug in the device
  2. Plug in the power cable before plugging the AirPort into a modem. Plug the device into one of the input connections on a stereo or audio dock. The AirPort can connect to AirPort enabled speakers wirelessly, so users who have these devices do not need to use cables.
  3. Setup the AirPort
  4.  Use the AirPort Setup Assistant in AirPort Utility. iOS devices and Mac computers come with AirPort Utility pre-installed. Windows users can download the program for free from Apple's website.
  5. Configure a new AirPort device
  6.  Users can simply open AirPort Utility and follow the prompts that the program gives them. After the configuration is complete, users can simply connect to their AirPort networks using the Wi-Fi network preferences on their computers or iOS devices.
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