How Do You Set up a Free 4G Hotspot?

How Do You Set up a Free 4G Hotspot?

Any smartphone or mobile device, a tablet for example, can be used to set up a 4G hub by using the tethering options, which are usually located in the wireless or network settings menus of most devices. Users, however, should check with the carrier first to ensure this service is free. There are slightly different tethering methods, depending on which operating system the phone or device is using.

Here is how to set up a hot spot using an Android or Apple smartphone.

  1. Locate the tethering menu
  2. Tethering options can be found on an Android device or phone by first opening the settings menu, then tapping "more," followed by "Wireless and networks," where the tethering and portable hot spot menu is found. On an iPhone, these options are found under "settings," then "cellular."

  3. Select and set up Wi-Fi hot spot[/li

    The Android menu will include a number of options, such as "set up Wi-Fi hot spot," "set up portable Wi-Fi hot spot," and "Bluetooth tethering." Select "set up Wi-Fi hot spot," and enter a network name and password. This is not mandatory, however, as the network can be set up with the default SSID name. Once online, other Internet enabled devices should pick up the Wi-Fi signal, and be able to connect using the required password and network ID details. In the iPhone menu, simply enable the personal hot spot slider.

It is important to note however, that most smartphone or mobile device plans require tethering to be enabled in order to set up a hub. This option is not normally included in cell phone plans for free.