How Do You Set the Time on a Tablet?


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The procedure to set the time on a tablet varies depending upon the tablet's operating system. However, in most cases, you can set the time on a tablet by tapping on the Settings button and selecting the Date and Time option.

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How Do You Set the Time on a Tablet?
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For a tablet running on Android OS, go to the applications and open the Settings menu. The tablet should display a list of settings. These settings are segregated into various segments. Go to the last segment, which is titled System. Under this, select Date and Time. The device automatically detects the current date and time. To set the time manually, uncheck the check box titled Automatic Date and Time. This should enable an option that allows you to set the date and set the time for the device.

Tap on Set Time. A window opens, prompting you to enter the time. Enter the hours in the first column and minutes in the second column. When finished, tap on Set. The time you have entered immediately reflects in your device.

For a tablet running on iOS, tap the Settings icon on the home screen. Select the General link in the Settings App, and select Date and Time. Before entering the time, turn off Set Automatically. Enter the current time.

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