How Do You Set Dual Alarms on a Timex Clock Radio?

To set dual alarms in a Timex clock radio, toggle the hours and minutes for one alarm to go off and confirm the time. Repeat the same steps for the second alarm. Timex clock radios allow you to choose between a buzzer alarm and a radio alarm.

Before setting the alarms, turn off of the clock radio by pressing and holding the POWER button. Next, set the dual alarms one alarm at a time. Press and hold the ALM 1 button until the first alarm time flashes on the display. Release the button, and press the TUN + (HOUR) button to toggle the hour for the alarm to go off. Make sure that a.m. and p.m. are set correctly.

Press the TUN - (MINS) button to toggle the desired minutes, and then release the button. To confirm the alarm setting, press the ALM1 button or wait eight seconds for the display to stop flashing and for the setting to confirm automatically. The alarm goes off with a buzzer with these settings but can be changed to go off with the radio. To do so, press the ALM 1 button twice to select the radio alarm. Pressing the ALM 1 button once more cancels the alarm.

Repeat the previous steps to set the second alarm, using the ALM 2 button instead of ALM 1.