How Do You Set the Date and Time on an Android Phone?


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To reset the date and time, first open the application display, then select "settings," followed by "date and time" which, once tapped, allows the user to manually change the date and time. Most Android phones are set to automatically update these details as time zones or daylight saving time changes.

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How Do You Set the Date and Time on an Android Phone?
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In order to set the time or date manually, or simply set up automatic date and time settings via the network, follow the steps below:

  1. View all applications
  2. In the bottom left hand corner of the home screen, the "view applications" button can be found. Tap this to open the icon driven menu containing all the applications on the phone.

  3. Locate settings
  4. Find the settings icon (usually displayed as a large cog), and tap on it to access the menu. "Date and time" will be listed alongside other options, such as accessibility and language options.

  5. Select date and time
  6. Tap on the date and time heading. The option to enable automatic updating will appear here and, if tapped, the phone will attempt to automatically update the date and time using the network wherever possible. In order to set these details manually, automatic updates must be un-checked.

  7. Set new date and time
  8. Tapping on "set date" or "set time" will enable the user to change the selected details. Once changed, the phone will use the updated details.

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