How Do You Set Your Computer to Have a Larger Print?

How Do You Set Your Computer to Have a Larger Print?

One simple way to increase the print size in Windows 7 is to go to the Display dialog box, click on Adjust Resolution, choose the desired text size, and click Apply. This process can be applied to other commonly used operating systems.

  1. Open the Display Dialog box

    Click on the Start button, and open Control Panel. Find and click on the Display option.

  2. Change the size of the text

    Note which text size you are currently using. Click on the circle that matches the desired text size. Medium size displays the text 25 percent larger than the default option. Click on the Apply button to apply the changes.

  3. Change the display settings for a better fit

    Click on Change Display Settings or Adjust Resolution on the left-hand panel to make sure that the new text size settings fit correctly on your screen. From the drop-down menu next to the Resolution header, slide the arrow down to make the display shrink so that the larger text fits. Click the Apply button. The screen blacks out and lets you preview the changes before asking you if you want to keep the changes. Click Revert to return to the Adjust Resolution dialog box and change the display settings until you are satisfied.