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XE.com provides services such as currency conversion, calculators for foreign exchange charges and travel expenses, and decoding information regarding International Bank Account Numbers. Other services include access to historical currency rate tables, a currency rate monitor that updates automatically every minute and an economic calendar that covers indicators affecting currency markets. As of 2015, XE also provides XE Currency apps for Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices.

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The home page of XE.com features live exchange rates for the most common currencies, including the dollar, euro and pound sterling, and it allows users to add other currencies to the list if necessary. The currency converter tool includes two drop-down menus featuring a list of all currencies and a field wherein users can specify an amount to convert. This tool also includes access to currency charts for the selected currencies, showing the trends and fluctuations for the specified period.

The IBAN calculator decodes the information present in the IBAN once a user enters the number and selects a country. After decoding the number, XE.com provides information regarding the country code, bank identifier, branch code and account number, among other elements. The tool for historical currency rates enables users to select a currency, specify a date in the past 10 years, and peruse information based on the mid-market rates for the selected date. The global economic calendar displays the names and dates of upcoming events and the level of priority based on their impact on the currency markets.

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