What Services Does Wind Mobile Offer in Canada?


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As of 2015, Wind Mobile offers various cellphone service plans starting at $25 per month, all with unlimited Canada-wide text and calling and coverage in major Canadian cities, such as Toronto and Vancouver. Wind also offers plans with unlimited data as well as unlimited United States calling.

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Unlike larger brands, such as Rogers, Bell and Telus, Wind only provides full service in major urban centers. Outside of major cities, Wind provides roaming service through its partners at 15 cents per minute for calls, 5 cents per text and 5 cents per megabyte. Other small brands, such as Mobilicity, offer similar coverage.

Wind offers many different cellphones with its plans, from basic brick phones such as the Huawei U2801 to popular smartphones such as the Nexus 6. It does not offer iPhones or Windows Phones. Wind lets customers buy phones outright or spread the costs over a 2-year contract.

Yelp.com user reviews of Wind's service are middling, with many users complaining of service coverage issues and roaming charges even in large cities. However, users without coverage issues were happy with the service's low cost. According to the Financial Post, Wind CEO Pietro Cordova announced in late 2014 that he was aware of service issues and that the company was working to build more cell towers in low-service areas.

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