What Services Tend to Be Offered by Radio Repair Shops?


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Radio repair shops tend to focus on radio chassis and cabinet restoration, replacing broken parts and repairing transistors. Most radio repair shops, such as Russ’ Old Radios and Radio-Active Repair, operate their own websites that list and describe the available services in detail.

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Some radio repair shops offer the service of restoring old AM and FM tube radios. In addition to taking in broken radios, these shops also sell tube and transistor radios that have already been restored. As of 2015, Tom’s Antique Radio Repair replaces tubes for radios, and this service also includes aligning the receivers and replacing wires with bad insulation. Furthermore, it involves fixing the mechanical parts, lubricating controls and cleaning the dial glass. If radio capacitors require replacement, Tom’s Antique Radio Repair provides the replacement of the first five capacitors for free.

Radio repair shops that offer cabinet restoration services first have to remove the old finish and then repair the defects in the cabinet. Afterwards, they seal and fill the grain if the cabinet features a mahogany or walnut veneer. The restoration process also involves sanding, toning and applying gloss lacquer. In total, cabinet restoration typically requires several weeks. In some cases, cabinet restoration can be more expensive than chassis restoration, particularly with floor-standing console radios.

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