What Services Does the Skyrim Nexus Offer?


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The Skyrim Nexus is a section of the Nexus mods website that collects and organizes mods for the PC version of "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim." Mods are player-created alterations to the game code used to change the game experience, and this game has an extensive and dedicated modding community. Some mods change the user interface of the game, some tweak the combat system for greater or lesser difficulty and others enhance graphics.

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The Skyrim Nexus uploads player-created mods, showcasing them on the front page of the website when the user types in the game as a search query. Users with a Nexus account can download files, track their download history and manage their mods in their installation of the game. Some mods don't work well with others, but this gives the option to turn specific ones on and off as necessary or redownload them to a new computer.

Each game mod has a screenshot showing a picture of its results, if applicable. For example, modded-in armor gets a screenshot of a character wearing it. This allows players to decide whether the mod is something they want in the game. The site also has a forum for users to communicate with one another and share tips..

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