What Services Does All the Right Type Provide?

What Services Does All the Right Type Provide?

All the Right Type provides keyboarding skills training services. It offers sequential typing lessons, keyboarding games, animations and certificates. The program also includes customizable features to suit individual needs.

All the Right Type 4 features lessons such as ATRT Standard Junior, ATRT Standard, Aesop's Fables and Fairy Tales. ATRT Standard Junior consists of 93 lesson-comprehensive tutorials designed for students who are new to touch typing. It features shorter lessons with cartoon animations. ATRT Standard is of a higher level and features 87 lessons.

The Aesop’s Fables lessons come in two different levels. The lessons offer a fun typing session in relation to the fables. Similarly, Native American Tales and Fairy Tales provide engaging lessons for kids to help improve their typing speed and accuracy.

The program offers keyboarding games that are divided into two types, lesson games and theme games. Lesson games feature typing keys that a student has learned about in standard lesson plans, whereas theme games cover all the keys. The games allow learners to sharpen their typing skills by practicing activities that integrate basic math, science and geography.

All the Right Type 4 offers learners to access their personalized lessons from any Web browser. The program offers feedback after each lesson and generates reports for tracking progress.