What Services Are Provided on the Website Dmdc.osd.mil?

What Services Are Provided on the Website Dmdc.osd.mil?

Services provided by the dmdc.osd.mil website include identity management aid, security services, information on entitlement benefits and career counseling. The site also provides data reports and status determinations for use by government agencies and other organizations.

The Defense Manpower Data Center website assists members wanting to obtain and renew identification cards, view and update personnel records, and learn about security measures taken to protect Department of Defense systems and employees.

The site enables service members and their families to determine their eligibility for and obtain health care services, as well as other benefits including supplemental subsistence allowances and compensation for combat-related disabilities. The site also provides information on the military honors funeral service available to all veterans.

Career counseling services include providing students with information about career opportunities in the military. The site also helps active military personnel access transitional programs that help prepare for the return to civilian life. It also provides access to the occupational database that matches skills with jobs in the public and private sectors.

The site also contains links to services that allow the Departments of Defense, State, and Health and Human Services and the Red Cross track and provide aid to non-combatant evacuees returning to the United States after emergency evacuations and natural disasters. It also allows authorized personnel of other government agencies to perform Department of Defense searches, determine an individual’s military status, job skills and other personnel information.