What Are Some Services Provided by the Canadian Government Website?

What Are Some Services Provided by the Canadian Government Website?

Some of the services provided by the Canadian federal government website are information services and online forms for employment insurance, Canada pension plan and passport applications. These and many other services are provided at Canada.ca.

The Canadian government website provides information, advisories and application forms for most federal services and links to others. One of the most popular services on the site is called the Job Bank. The Job Bank lists employment opportunities, both government and private sector, across the country. Users can search by geographic location or job title and even search for jobs using a key word. There are also links to Canadian Armed Forces recruitment, employment assistance programs and application forms such as work permits for non-Canadians.

Information about employment insurance and the Canada Pension Plan retirement benefits are also available, as well as links to online application forms. Users who are unemployed and receiving benefits can fill out the necessary reports, called EI reports, which are required every two weeks to maintain eligibility.

Forms to apply for or renew a passport are also available online. These forms must be submitted in person but printing them out at home is a time-saving convenience.

Another popular service on the website is business information and registration. Information is provided on starting a new business, including how to create a business plan and useful links to business support organizations. Registration forms are available to apply for a business number, to incorporate federally or to obtain required permits or licences.