What Are Some Services Offered by Telmex?


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Some services offered by Telmex include the provision of Internet, phone service and cable to private citizens who receive its coverage, as well as providing corporate telecommunications services to global businesses. In the United States, Telmex offers the installation and facilitation of personal phone lines for American citizens who desire a direct way to communicate with contacts in Mexico.

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Telmex is operated out of Mexico City and services Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and several other countries in Latin America. In the countries that receive the full offering of Telmex services, the company offers installation and maintenance of personal communication services in a variety of competitively priced packages. Telmex's website provides customers with the ability to shop for services that fit their needs, as well as troubleshoot and manage the services that they have already purchased.

Telmex's corporate services include the provision of video, voice and data communications for global businesses, intended to increase companies' ability to interact with clients and partners at a level that suits their individual needs.

The company offers few services to customers in the United States but has a website called TelmexUSA where it advertises corporate telecommunications support, as well as a line of contact between the USA and Mexico.

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