What Services Are Offered on the Charter Homepage?

What Services Are Offered on the Charter Homepage?

The Charter homepage offers account maintenance options, speed tests and technical support for existing customers. It also provides information on service areas, channels and Internet speeds for potential customers looking to sign up for Charter service.

Charter offers telephone, Internet and cable television packages. All of its services are available as part of discounted bundles that provide a combination of the three services. These bundles are available in different price tiers that vary based on the number of television channels and the Internet speed.

Charter's Internet services include security software, free Wi-Fi at select locations and in-home Wi-Fi with a provided wireless router. The security software provides parental controls and identity theft protection, which can be installed on up to 10 computers.

Charter offers its television channels in high definition. Its packages range from 125 to over 200 channels, and select packages include premium channels, such as HBO and Starz. Charter also offers on-demand viewing and DVR with its cable television service.

Phone service from charter includes online voice mail management, discounted international calling and specialized safety features. These safety features include enhanced 911 service and a battery backup to retain phone service during power outages. Enhanced 911 service is standard, but the battery backup is an optional service that incurs an additional equipment charge.