What Services Does MyHealth Online Provide?

My Health Online provides health information services to patients registered with a general practitioner. It offers a platform for patients to contact their physician's office about non-urgent health matters.

Registered patients use the site to book and manage appointments with their primary doctor without waiting for the offices to open. They can view upcoming appointments, make follow-up and review past appointments and after visit summary. Patients can also pay medical bills through the web-based program.

My Health Online allows patients to keep and update their health information or on behalf of a family member. The site allows communication with specialty care teams through messages and provides a review of health maintenance issues.

Patients can also access blood work and other test results, and doctors' comments as soon as they are made available on the website, without having to wait for a phone call or letter from their health practitioner. They can view current medications and request for repeat prescriptions to refillable medications.

To access these services, patients must have a My Health Online account. Before creating an account, patients must provide a registration letter from their general practitioner and complete the registration procedure. They must be able to prove their identity basing on the information provided by their medical practitioners.

My Health Online is not for use during emergencies.