What Services Does MyChart From Dean Health Provide?

What Services Does MyChart From Dean Health Provide?

As of 2015, services available on MyChart from Dean Health include access to medical records, a platform to communicate with doctors and other medical staff, and access to laboratory results. The chart also allows patients to request and schedule doctor's appointments, as well as request for prescription refills.

Patients must have an activated MyChart account to access the services provided by MyChart from Dean Health. Once logged in, a patient can communicate with his doctor and other clinical staff via the email platform provided by the chart. This allows the patient to ask medical questions, and receive real-time feedback from hospital personnel.

Patients can also view clinic laboratory results, as well as review the doctor's feedback on the results through MyChart from Dean Health. The platform also allows patients to schedule and cancel doctor's appointments. Details of previous appointments are also available on MyChart. Additionally, patients can also review personalized health reminders.

Patients can easily review current medication and request prescription refills on MyChart. The chart also provides a platform where patients can access and review medical records, as well as review instructions from recent hospital visits. Additionally, parents can use this platform to create MyChart accounts for their