What Services Does ITA Matrix Provide?


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As of 2015, ITA Software Matrix offers a detailed customer reporting database system to help traveling service companies understand their customers. ITA also provides its clients with continuous online training, available daily. Also, the software company provides a system that calculates and distributes flight schedules and seat availability.

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ITA Software is a Google company that helps increase productivity for businesses primarily in the travel industry. It offers services to assist with merchandising, such as tools to increase revenue for each customer, with its own products and third-party products. ITA also provides services for those clients that value a rewards system when shopping. The software helps the business's clients find reward flights, while also helping to keep revenue up.

ITA Software's program "ReShop" offers a service to help with automated ticket pricing and ticket exchange. This system also helps identify flight alternatives for customers. Additionally, ITA's "ReShop" program can quickly issue refunds and make price changes.

ITA Software also provides its customers with round-the-clock customer support every day. The company also gives its client QPX Express API, which helps with consumers who wish to utilize self-service tools. Finally, ITA Software uses a "pay-as-you-go" model that can quickly integrate with a company's system.

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