What Are Some Services the Gale Group Provides?


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Gale Group, or Gale Cengage Learning, is a large database that offers several educational-based libraries for students and educators around the country. The resources it offers include connections to academic, public and school libraries. Another facet of Gale Cengage Learning is its partnership with many top educator brands, such as the Smithsonian.

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Gale services are offered through subscription-based programs. Each program requires a separate subscription, which can be found through the links at the Cengage.com home page. For resources related to academic libraries, students are able to use Gale as a platform to explore their selected career paths in-depth.

The services included through the academic libraries are all sculpted to help teach and connect students around the country. They have a specialized e-book database, which is available for members. Research tools include access to studies, graphs and charts, all of which help promote advanced learning. Gale also offers scholarly databases, which help keep research results to only trusted resources.

Gale also has a large community that can be quickly accessed by any of its members. Its blogs and social networking presence make it easy for students to keep up to date with any news easily. Gale also hosts a video database, produced by the makers of the Smithsonian Libraries, notes Cengage.com.

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