What Services Does DailyFinance Provide?

DailyFinance is a financial news and analysis site that covers relevant news stories and offers financial advice. The site also lets users track portfolios online and offers a 10-week plan to reduce household expenses.

DailyFinance allows users to create an online portfolio of the stocks they own, which can then be tracked with the My DailyFinance module. The site also offers a number of free financial courses to registered users. Some examples include "Basics of the Stock Market," "Small Cap Investing," "Basics of Diversification," "Asset Allocation" and "Banking Services 101."

Registered users also have access to SavingsChallenge, which allows them to make a plan to save for a specific goal and then track their ongoing progress. Progress can also be shared and discussed with other users, and there is a blog that is updated regularly with savings tips and advice.

Other tools are available, such as a financial calculator and various resource centers tailored to specific needs, such as retirement and taxes. The InvestorCenter tracks the latest market developments and displays the latest stock quotes and news stories related to major companies that are in the financial markets. Users of the site are required to log in with an AOL or Facebook account to get the full range of services.