What Services Does Community Health Network Offer?


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Community Health Network offers services such as cancer care, including treatments and screening, weight management program for children and adolescents as part of the diet and nutrition services, and medical educational programs. Other services include programs that help people cope with grief and the Faith Health Initiative program, which promotes wellness within congregations regardless of their denominations.

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The cancer care service provides chemotherapy and radiation therapy treatments, and lets patients schedule a screening test for lung, colon, prostate or breast cancer. In the Community Oncology Services section of its website, Community Health Network provides users with an option to select a cancer type and request an appointment with an appropriate specialist. As of 2015, this service plans to expand to a new community cancer center, including wellness facilities and a knowledge center, that’s set to cost $60 million.

Registered dietitians and exercise therapists are in charge of the weight program for children and adolescents. Through this service, they help patients plan out an active life that includes a healthy diet and increased physical activity. This program is available for children ages 6 to 16, and it also lets parents participate in the program to promote a healthy lifestyle. The Faith Health Initiative program provides screening services and necessary resources to bolster the existing health ministry of a church. This program also engages in educational support, including the provision of mentorships and training services.

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