What Services Does the ClickBank Website Provide?

What Services Does the ClickBank Website Provide?

ClickBank is a marketplace for digital products. The ClickBank website connects digital content designers and creators with digital marketers who specialize in promoting such products to consumers.

The website is aimed at entrepreneurs who need help promoting their digital products. The products are promoted by ClickBank's digital marketers and affiliate programs, who earn commission on sales generated. The amount of commission offered is set by the entrepreneur.

For product creators, ClickBank offers an all-in-one performance marketing suite to help entrepreneurs control all aspects of their business from a single platform. This package includes a variety of features, such as quick purchase for fast track sales, mobile checkout, subscription management, custom order form, flexible refunds and reduced ClickBank fees. It also offers a larger marketplace for access to additional products and offers, call center upsell, fraud detection, affiliate finder to match the entrepreneur's product to the most suitable marketer, and the ability to accept payment from all global credit cards and PayPal.

For digital marketers, ClickBank offers commission rates of up to 75 percent, prompt payment through the HOPLINK tracking system and the choice of which products to promote, along with collaborating and partnering opportunities.

ClickBank was formed in 1998 and has 6 million clients worldwide with a presence in 190 countries, as of 2015.