What Are Some Services of ChooseMyPlate.gov?

What Are Some Services of ChooseMyPlate.gov?

ChooseMyPlate.gov is an initiative by the Center for Nutrition Policy to provide Americans with practical nutrition information, access to health professionals and resources to further nutrition education, dietary assessment and exercise habits. The goal of ChooseMyPlate.gov is to help Americans eat and live healthier.

ChooseMyPlate.gov features several food, diet and exercise-related sections. Each section provides specific information or resources to help Americans live healthier lives. The MyPlate section, for example, provides detailed information and daily recommendations for each of the food groups.

The Weight Management section provides tools to help manage healthy lifestyles and body weights. Calorie counters, diet tracking tools, a BMI calculator and the SuperTracker are included in this section. The SuperTracker, accessible through its own menu, is a tool that helps plan, analyze and track diets and physical activity.

ChooseMyPlate.gov also provides the Daily Food Plan tool to create personalized meal plans to help target the ideal diet. The Daily Food Plan resource creates a food plan based on an individual’s age, height, weight, sex and activity level.

In addition to these tools and resources, ChooseMyPlate.gov also provides an assortment of exercise tips, healthy recipes and cookbooks, food safety advice resources, and countless articles about living and eating healthier.