What Are Some Services Available Through GoSection8?

GoSection8.com is a website providing real estate listings that are specifically intended for tenants and landlords in the Section 8 housing market. The website is primarily a platform through which tenants can search a database of affordable housing.

GoSection8.com is a Web-based service that connects landlords and tenants who are part of Section 8, or the Housing Choice Voucher Program. This program receives its funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and is intended to help low-income residents. Obtaining a rent-assistance voucher through the program means that the government agrees to pay the remainder of a tenant's rent after a certain percentage of his income is applied towards it each month.

GoSection8 pairs potential renters with a subsidized rental by allowing them to enter their ZIP codes and see a list of properties that participate in the HCV program. Conversely, landlords who participate in the HCV program can post listings and advertise on the site for free. GoSection8 gives owners and landlords the option of paying a fee to have their listings appear at the top of the search results. GoSection8 is also used by housing authorities all over the country to compare rental rates and collect rental data.