What Services Does AOL Provide?

What Services Does AOL Provide?

As of July 2015, AOL offers multiple services including email, mapping and Internet services. The company also provides an instant messenger service accessible on desktops and smartphones as well as a technical support service.

AOL's email service gives registered users an email box with more than one gigabyte of storage. AOL users can use the instant message service to talk to others for free as long as they have an Internet connection. The majority of services that AOL offers to the public are free.

Consumers also have access to AOL's Mapquest mapping service that enables users to have up-to-date maps of locations and turn-by-turn service. AOL also offers weblog services. Users can create a free web page of almost any content. AOL offers a free digital magazine service called Distro for its registered AOL users. Distro is downloadable for free in the Apple App Store.

AOL offers Internet service in select locations. This subscription service requires payment, and prices vary depending on the desired Internet speed. Paid subscribers get access to McAfee antivirus software.

Users can contact AOL's toll-free number for customer support 24 hours a day and seven days per week. Additionally, the company offers the AdvantagePlus service. This service provides technical support for AOL users, such as securing data for computers. Live chat representatives are available to help users.