What Services Does AllClear ID Offer?


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AllClear ID offers services such as identity repair and restoration, identity theft monitoring, AllClear identity monitoring and lost wallet protection. Other services include AllClear credit monitoring, ChildScan, identity theft insurance coverage, and fast and secure alerts by phone.

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AllClear ID helps in repairing a client's identity. Investigators aid in contacting creditors and anyone involved to save the client time and money. Identity theft monitoring involves fraud detection and credit monitoring. Since information is reported from a wide range of non-credit bureau sources, AllClear ID alerts a customer once information is reported. Information reported includes online login details, credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, and other data.

If the client's information is threatened, he receives a fast and secure alert through patented technology. A secure voice key is used to confirm that all calls are legitimate. Once an individual receives a secure phone alert and suspects fraud, pressing the star key allows an immediate connection to an investigator. A zero deductible policy that offers reimbursements for lost wages, fraud losses and certain fees of identity recovery provides a coverage of up to $1 million.

AllClear credit monitoring monitors client activity at all three credit bureaus and sends alerts if the information is used to open new accounts. AllClear investigators help cancel and replace lost credit and debit cards. AllClear often scans databases to find out if thieves are using children's Social Security numbers. If found, a full inquiry is conducted, and it repairs the child's identity.

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