What Service Providers Score Well on Internet Speed Comparisons?


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Some service providers that score well on Internet speed are Google and Time Warner Cable, according to Speedtest.net. Verizon and Comcast also score well on Internet speeds, as of 2015.

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Google Fiber has over one gigabyte per second each of download speed and upload speed in certain areas, as of 2015. Time Warner Cable offers over 50 megabytes per second of download speed and 10 megabytes of upload speed in select areas.

Verizon has network speeds reaching upwards of 110 megabytes download, whereas Comcast offers speeds as high as 505 megabytes in its Southwest region. Based on overall testing, Comcast scores the highest compared to other providers, since it has the most reliable and consistent speeds. Time Warner comes in second, followed by Google. However, Google does not rank highly because its service is only available in select areas.

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