What Is Server Side Programming?

server-side-programming Credit: Erik Isakson/Blend Images/Getty Images

According to CodeConquest.com, server side programming is a type of programming that relies on code operated from the server of a website, not the computer that is actually accessing it. This is a sharp contrast to client side programming, where the code itself is read and interpreted by the computer accessing the code and then utilized. In server side programming, the server performs most of these script-interpreting functions.

Server side programming allows the bulk of the work related to interpreting code to be done by a server and not by the computer client. There are a large number of different computer coding languages that can be used to create scripts for server side programming. This is unlike client side programming which usually relies on embedded codes that the computer itself can access and read the code through. Server side programming is especially helpful when companies or websites do not want to give the users too much access to their database. For example, if a site needs someone to input information without having access to other customers' information, it uses server side programming. Most often, websites use a combination of both server side and client side programming to accomplish their specific communication and interaction needs.