What Is a Server Address?

server-address Credit: Atomic Imagery/Digital Vision/Getty Images

A server address is another name for an Internet protocol or IP address. Each computer has its own IP address, and when a person types the name of a website into a browser, he is actually directed to the IP address associated with that website's name.

If a person uses Windows and wants to find his server address, he needs to open the computer's control panel. Under "network and Internet," he should select "view network status and tasks." Then, click the hyperlinked name of his Internet connection. At this point, a pop-up appears with information on connectivity and signal strength, and the person must click the "details" button. In the details section, the group of numbers after the words "IPv4 Address" is the server address.

Google can also be a useful tool when looking for an IP address. If someone simply types "what is my IP" into the Google search engine, Google responds with the public IP address. It is important to note that IP addresses can change; Internet service providers commonly change IP addresses and routers can also change them.

Knowing a server address is essential if someone wants other people to be able to connect to a server. For instance, to join a game of Minecraft, the additional players need to know the server address.