How Do You Send Texts Through the Metrocall System?


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Metrocall has merged with USA Mobility, Inc., so all services now fall under USA Mobility. To send a text to a USA Mobility two-way device, the user just enters the ten-digit phone number (also called a PIN) or the email address for that device, and sends the message. To send a text to any other phone or device outside the network, the user types in "SMS," followed by the ten-digit phone number.

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To text through the USA Mobility system, a user must have a two-way pager, and they must send the text to a user with a text-enabled cell phone or a two-way pager. If the user prefers to enter the email address associated with the recipient's device, they may still do so, rather than send the text via SMS.

If a user wishes to receive a text message from a non-USA Mobility phone or device, he should give the sender his PIN, which is an email address in the format "10digitphonenumber@usamobility.net."

USA Mobility, Inc. formed in 2004 as a result of the merger of Metrocall Holdings, Inc. and Arch Wireless, Inc. The company provides affordable wireless communications to the government, healthcare and emergency response industries and focuses on the business-to-business market. USA Mobility, Inc. has the largest one- and two-way paging networks in the United States.

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